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PARIS JO 24 Village Olympic SOLIDEO

November 2021 – OMNISENS wins the prestigious innovation partnership launched by SOLIDEO, Société de Livraison des Ouvrages Olympiques on the project of inclusive multisensory signage. It is French knowledge and expertise in the field of inclusion that will be highlighted at international level thanks to this large-scale project.

The aim of this partnership is to imagine, design and produce a permanent multi-sensory and inclusive signage system for the public spaces of the ZAC of the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Village in 2024.

Ambitious. User-centric. Committed.


Omnisens is a group of 8 French medium-sized companies specializing in inclusive and multisensorial signage. Born to co-construct innovative solutions for the Olympic Village of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, after having won the tender related to accessibility and signage of this great event. 

The objective of this consortium is to be a source of inspiration for the project owner on inclusion and to co-create solutions adapted to the needs of users with the project operator.

Our strong point: to be a group of experts in the field of inclusion at an international level, fully capable of using all the tools and technologies available to create universal multisensory signage systems.


To offer autonomous mobility for all.


Combining our knowledge and expertise to provide an equal experience for all using all available resources and technologies.


Design a durable, sustainable and evolving multisensorial signage solution that guarantees everyone’s mobility.

L'équipe Omnisens en atelier

We create tomorrow's solutions

8 Inclusion Makers Experts Innovators

Logo Okeenea Digital

A spin-off of the Okeenea Group, Okeenea Digital develops the first inclusive wayfinding application: Evelity.

The company’s track record includes: RTM, the Marseille metro system, LUMA Arles, Rockfeller University – Lyon 2, Total Energie la Défense, Maison Victor Hugo Museum and is currently being tested at Jay Street for the MTA New York.

Logo Okeenea Tech

Inventor of radio-controlled audio traffic lights and market leader in France, Okeenea Tech enables 1.7 million visually impaired people to cross the street in complete safety.

To its credit: more than 250,000 sound points in France, winner of an innovative call for projects in New York…

Logo Atipy

Our DNA: universal design – The result of the merger of Divercities and the Adéquat Agency, Atipy comprises 3 agencies and a design office:

  • Divercities supports accessibility projects.
  • Agence Adéquat combines two complementary fields: design and accessibility.
  • Bissapp develops accessible and innovative software solutions / digital tools.

We support local authorities, cities, communities, associations and institutions in their inclusive projects.

Mengrov Logo

Mengrov is a community design agency that co-creates solutions that enhance the strength of singularities. 

In an approach that combines design and strategy, we develop a sensitive approach that combines decoding societal issues and listening to expectations.

Logo Okeenea Batiment

An expert in accessibility work for all building types, Okeenea Bâtiment has been working for nearly 30 years throughout France to bring all types of buildings up to accessibility standards.

Its achievements include: the Accor Group, the City of Lyon, the High Schools of Bourgogne Franche Comté, the Louvre…

Tactile Studio Logo

An inclusive design agency, Tactile Studio is a leader in creating accessible visitor experiences for cultural institutions around the world. It has been conceptualizing and producing multi-sensory and hybrid tours for over 10 years.

Credits include: Louvre Paris & Abu Dhabi, Humboldt Forum, Château de Versailles, Fondation Louis Vuitton…

Empreinte Signalétique Logo

Empreinte develops custom signage projects installed in France and abroad. Its products can be adapted to both remarkable sites and corporate headquarters, and are suitable for natural spaces and urban environments.

Distinguished as a Living Heritage Company for its know-how, certified ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 since 2009, Empreinte accompanies its clients through all the stages of the creation of ambitious signage.

Logo Polygraphik

Based at the meeting point of signs, objects and space, the Polygraphik studio – founded in 2009 by designers Sébastien Nicot and Juliette Cheval – specializes in signage design. Its role is to make a place comprehensible so that the user can orient himself and move around independently.


Imagine and collaborate together

Our common

The environment must be universally accessible. Several weak signals show an evolution of the mentalities on the consideration of the handicap, valued in the media, in the sport, the culture. Society is now ready to become, step by step, universally accessible by changing the relationship with the other and the view of “normality”. The current standards represent demands and good practices to be followed. But, beyond the regulations, the experience of living in a specific territory remains an essential element to take into consideration. 

And this is where we place the challenge of our group: to propose a multisensorial signage allowing people with disabilities to fully live their citizenship.


We are here to listen to you!